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Mag.Layers 사는 1990 년에 설립되었으며 마그네틱 (Mag.) 소재 및 적층 (Multilayer) Power Inductor 기술 및 LTCC type RF Component 및 & Antenna Switch Module 등의 기술을 보유하고 있습니다. 본사는 Hsin-chu, Taiwan 에 소재하고 있으며 공장은 Kunsan, China 에 있습니다. 제품군은 Diplexer, Band Pass Filter,Chip Bead, Wire Wound Inductor, Molded Power Inductor, Common Mode Choke for EMI, Choke Coil, RF Component for WiFi/BT Module, LAN Transformer, Mag.Layer RF Components 등을 공급합니다.


    Multilayer Chip Beads / Inductor

  • Multilayer chip inductors are Mag.Layers ine of high quailty

    RF Passives / Antennas / Modules

  • Mag.Layers provides high performance RF passives, antennas a

    Wire Wound Assembly Type Inductor

  • Multilayer chip inductors are Mag.Layersine of high quality

    Molding Power Choke

  • Ultra high currnt inductors Leaded type wound, magnetic sh

    Networking Communication Components

  • Mag.Layers offers Ethenet magnetics that comply with IEEE80

    Ceramic Circuit Substrate

  • Mag.Layers provides high performance ceramic circuit substra